Board of Directors

The Orchard Down Homeowner's Association is run by a board of volunteer members, and participation is greatly encouraged. The ODHA Board meets 9-10 times per year to discuss and resolve issues with landscaping, architecture, encroachment, community livability, and so on. If you are interested in serving on the board--or attending a Board Meeting--please contact any board member or email the webmaster.

There are two major committees within the ODHA Board:
  • The Architectural Review Committee is in charge of managing the ODHA Architectural Guidelines document, plus interpreting the guidelines and--if necessary--enforcing them. This includes examining and approving home exterior paint colors, fence building, and additions to homes.
  • The Landscape Committee oversees the ODHA's largest expenditure category: landscape maintenance and projects in our common areas. Maintenance involves mowing the lawn, pruning the shrubs and trees, watering, and so on. Landscaping projects are one-time efforts to remove and replace diseased or damaged trees and shrubs, remove accumulated brush and other fire hazards, and install stairs, bridges, and paths to allow greater enjoyment and safety. Most, but not all, of the work is subcontracted--but this committee provides the leadership to ensure the work gets done on time and on budget.